Food therapy can also treat vaginitis

Food therapy can also treat vaginitis

When suffering from acute trichomoniasis vaginitis, patients can choose the following dietary prescription.


Brucea bile treatment trichomonas vaginitis prescription: 20 brucea (peeled).

  System usage: 1 cup and a half of water, and fry to a half cup, pour the juice into a sterilized bowl.

Inject the medicine into the vagina using a large sterile syringe, 20 to 40 ml each.

Lighter 1 time, heavy 2-3 times.

  Effect: Insecticide and dampness.

Treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis.


Tao Ren prescription for trichomoniasis vaginitis: appropriate amount of peach kernel.

  System usage: Peach kernels are mashed into a paste, wrapped in gauze, and stuffed into the vagina.

1 change daily, several times in a row.

  Effectiveness: Detoxification and insecticide.

Treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis.

Aloe vera prescription for trichomonas vaginitis: 6 grams of aloe, 15 grams of cork seed, and cork.

  System usage: The above 3 flavors of fried water.

When using, first wash the genitals with cotton, then use a cotton ball and dip the medicine into the vagina. The patient lies on his back for 3 consecutive nights, once a night.

  Effectiveness: Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, insecticidal.

Treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis.

Fresh Peach Leaf Recipe for Itching: 120 grams of Fresh Peach Leaf.

  System usage: Wash the fresh peach leaves, decoction, and rinse the vagina.

  Effect: Treatment of trichomoniasis vaginitis.


Radish juice vinegar for trichomonas vaginitis prescription: white radish juice, vinegar each amount.

  System usage: Rinse the vagina with vinegar, scrub and stuff the vagina with white radish juice.

Usually 10 times is a course of treatment.

  Effectiveness: clearing heat and detoxifying, killing insects.

For trichomonas vaginitis.

  When suffering from acute mycotic vaginitis, patients should choose a diet that has the effect of clearing heat and dampness.

  Prescription (1): Bian Chu, Chuanxiong Jie, previous rice, rock sugar similar.

First store the lentils, and the Chuanxiong solution is boiled with an appropriate amount of water to remove the residue, add the previous rice and porridge, and add rock sugar when serving.

This prescription has the functions of dampness and drenching, antibacterial and antipruritic.

  Prescription (2): Chunbai skin, chalk skin, cork.

Add water and fry.
This side can clear heat and dampness.
  For chronic fungal vaginitis, the patient’s vulvar itching and pain symptoms may not be obvious. Usually, leucorrhea complications and white color, and at this time should choose a diet therapy with a spleen and dampness.

  Prescription (1): white lentils, atractylodes, and sugar.

Atractylodes is bagged with lentil decoction, then bagged, rock sugar, and soup to eat beans.

  Prescription (2): Lentil flower, Huai yam amount.

Take the lentils with the buds unseasoned, dry them, grind them, and use appropriate amount of Huai yam to cook the rice porridge every morning and evening.

This prescription has the effect of strengthening spleen and dampness.